Is it Legally Too Hot to Work?

21 June 2017

Well it’s definitely hot right now in the UK with temperatures frequently hovering around the 30°C mark. It’s too hot to move around, it’s even too hot to sit still and often people can be heard exclaiming “Surely it must be illegal to work in this heat” So the is it?

There’s no law for minimum or maximum working temperatures, eg when it’s too cold or too hot to work.

However, guidance suggests a minimum of 16ºC or 13ºC if employees are doing physical work. Yet there’s no guidance for a maximum temperature limit.

Does that mean you can leave your employees to slowly cook in a hot office?


Health and Safety at work law states that employers must:

  • keep the temperature at a comfortable level
  • provide clean and fresh air

So whilst no maximum temperature is stated anywhere in UK law, it is still something that you’re legally obliged to manage for your employees.

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